About Us


Central Oregon Animal Friends

Central Oregon Animal Friends is a Madras, Oregon based nonprofit. This organization was born of a desire to create a better life for the animals of Central Oregon and to do our part to help put an end to pet overpopulation in our area.

Our main focus at this time is to support the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. Through fundraising, we hope to provide them with some of their physical needs and start a spay/neuter program to benefit the animals of Jefferson County.

Our Mission:

Central Oregon Animal Friends is committed to promoting healthy, safe and lifelong relationships between people and their pets through sustainable programs of education, adoption and spay/neutering. We will endeavor to fight for the abused and abandoned, and foster a community where no companion animal will be killed because it is homeless.

Our Vision:

Our vision for a successful progressive humane animal program is to foster a community of reciprocity with veterinarians, county animal control agencies, pet owners, and potential adopters, with a common commitment to:

  • Create an environment of compassionate and respectful treatment of companion animals
  • Work toward the goal of putting an end to pet overpopulation through education and community spay/neuter programs
  • Promote an atmosphere where euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals is not acceptable.